Crochet Creations

Since boarding my first flight to Munich at the start of the European adventure that would become my life, I have kept busy with one of my more geriatric hobbies. Crochet. 

I dwindled the hours over the Atlantic and chugged over train tracks in these weaves of colors. What started as a pastime has evolved into a passion. 

I began to go off-script, ditching patterns and youtube videos for the shapes my fingers found in the methodical twist of wound yarn. 

I have made arm warmers to keep my wrists warm and scarves to wind my neck. I have crafted vest sweaters and endured the trials and tribulations of making a dress. 

Now, however many months since I started, I have truly made strides in creating creative and sturdy pieces that I am ready to share with you! 

If you like what you see, don’t hesitate to check out my latest page, where I list all my latest designs for sale. 




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