Crochet Creations

Since boarding my first flight to Munich at the start of the European adventure that would become my life, I have kept busy with one of my more geriatric hobbies. Crochet. 

I dwindled the hours over the Atlantic and chugged over train tracks in these weaves of colors. What started as a pastime has evolved into a passion… read more

Tulip Dress

Peachy pink, chartreuse, and deep gray dress I made to celebrate my 22nd birthday! It served me well and its ready to serve you:)


Dimensions: 19 (across bust), 16 (across waist), 38 (across hem) x 35 (height)


Experimental design that can’t help but turn heads. Yellow and pink checkerboard meets blue and tan blend on the front while the back plays with a negotiation of lines. You game?


Dimensions: 19 (length across) x 21 (height)

Sid&Tony Vest

Cute Spring vest inspired by the bonded pair taking up residence in my Chicago apartment. (They are charging commission).


Dimensions: 17 (length across) X 15 (height)

Hot Halter

A tight-knit halter top that covers you in green, blue, pink, and gray. Under a leather jacket- what’s stopping you?


Dimensions: 19 (across length) X 21 (height)

Arm Koozies

The only thing stopping your Winter walks from being as snuggly as a Polar Bear are these koozies. Really.


Dimensions: 4.5 (length across) x 10 (height)

All measurements are in inches!

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